Why generations are always about 20 years in length

You may not know this (but you do kind of know this): Generations are always about 20 years in length (17 at the low end, and 23 at the high end). There's a reason -- a very specific reason -- why this is so, which is that it takes the first members born in a [...]

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Generational leadership styles and reputations

Each generation is formed during different circumstances and, understandably, goes on to have different leadership styles and reputations. As a reminder, these are the U.S. generational birth years. Boomers, 1943-1960 GenXers, 1961-1981 Millennials, 1982-2004 The Other Ones, 2005-approx 2027   Boomers’ leadership & reputation Leadership style: moralistic (in midlife)  Then visionary and wise (in elderhood) [...]

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Where does work “sit” in each generation’s life?

When managing -- and, frankly, just working with -- other generations, a common area of misalignment is assuming people in other generations view work the way you do. And while yes, yes, and of course, everyone is a unique individual, there are different generational tendencies to see work and where it fits in their lives. [...]

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Gen Z is a subset of Millennials

For all the hype and the many (86.1 million and counting) references to Gen Z on the internet, it isn’t a true generation born in a distinctly different era, raised by a different generation of midlife adults. A generation is identified by those people who share a common series of hallmark attitudes and behaviors, and [...]

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Generational Superpowers, at work … and in life

Boomers’ superpowers: The Asserted Visionary Boomers are The Asserted Visionary at work and in society, and they -- Ask the big questions, the important questions; Are driven to find meaning, purpose and calling in their work; Focus on vision, values and deeper meaning; and Are rather defined by their work and treat their careers as [...]

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What is each generation’s core work ethic?

Boomers’ core ethic: a WORK ethic Boomers’ core ethic, quite simply, is that they have the strongest WORK ETHIC of all the generations. Boomers express their core work ethic by -- Having an all work-no play attitude; Following their purpose, their calling and their bliss; Always looking for more quality in what they do and [...]

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Some tips on maintaining workers

I was asked to contribute my two cents about best to maintain--from a generational perspective, that is --warehouse workers, and my recommendations, along with some others', were published in this article.   Millennials Millennials (born between 1982-2004) are going to be more loyal toward employers that -- Invest in their careers Offer career paths within [...]

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Meet the Artist Generation

Hello America, Meet a rep from the next generation of children, the Homelanders. They are the ARTIST archetype and produce the best singers and songwriters, and the best comedians of all the four generational archetypes. They orient toward romance and chivalry, as they miss all phases of life in which to experience heroism, unlike the [...]

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10 Tips for Understanding the Phenomenon of Generations

While it's easy to think of generations as occurring in linear manner, there's also a deep well of understanding that comes from seeing them (and cultural eras) as seasonal and cyclical. Here's the TL;DR version of that perspective. There are four core phases of life: childhood, young adulthood, midlife and elderhood, with an important transition [...]

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