Meet the Artist Generation

Hello America, Meet a rep from the next generation of children, the Homelanders. They are the ARTIST archetype and produce the best singers and songwriters, and the best comedians of all the four generational archetypes. They orient toward romance and chivalry, as they miss all phases of life in which to experience heroism, unlike the [...]

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10 Tips for Understanding the Phenomenon of Generations

While it's easy to think of generations as occurring in linear manner, there's also a deep well of understanding that comes from seeing them (and cultural eras) as seasonal and cyclical. Here's the TL;DR version of that perspective. There are four core phases of life: childhood, young adulthood, midlife and elderhood, with an important transition [...]

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The ‘When’ of our Lives Unifies Us, and Separates Us, More than We Know

When we were born - as well as where - matters much in who we become and how we see the world. The "when" of our childhood, the "when" of our coming of age and young adulthood, the "when" of our midlife years, and the "when" of our elderhood forms the genesis of generational diversity. In recent decades, we [...]

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25 Words Describing Biden’s Generation in Elderhood

Want some quick insight into Joe Biden's generation and how they behave, function and are seen and treated in elderhood? Here you go! For more info Biden's generation, watch this video playlist on the Homeland generation, which is the same generational personal as Biden's gen. Indecisive Sensitive Flexible  Liked  Decent Hip Well-off Healthy Active Adventurous [...]

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Getting to know the generations in today’s workplace

Here's a brief look at the generations in today's workplace. Boomers (Born 1943-1960) Children during society’s Golden Age; raised in an indulgent manner Inner-focused, principled and resolute Focused on meaning, purpose and calling Perfectionists and workaholics Society’s senior leaders now   GenXers (Born 1961-1981) Children during the Consciousness Revolution; under-protected as children Bottom-line focused; market [...]

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Busting the myth about Millennials and entrepreneurialism

There's a lot of so-called data and anecdotes about Millennials and entrepreneurship, most of it leaning toward the conclusion that Millennials have a strong penchant for entrepreneurialism. Alas, such information is askew. Because the bookending birth years around generations are often quite misunderstood (we don’t yet have a collective intelligence in society around how generations [...]

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Good questions to ask during a performance review (based on your generation)

Performance reviews mean different things to different generations. As such, good questions to ask during a performance review would, I'd offer, vary depending on the person's generation. Boomers, for example, tend to be workaholics slightly obsessed with purpose, meaning, vision and calling. They’re going to be wanting more feedback about opportunities for leaving a greater [...]

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Are GenXers Distrusting?

I was reading an article claiming the pandemic made GenXers more distrusting. To which I responded, No, the pandemic hasn’t made Gen Xers distrusting; their childhood made them that way. Current circumstances only exacerbate their natural leanings. See, Xers (those born 1961-1981) are children during the Consciousness Revolution years (the mid-’60s through the mid-’80s), which [...]

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Generations & Mask Wearing

If you’ve been finding yourself stymied, stumped and simply stopped dead in conversations about the importance of mask wearing and physical distancing, perhaps tuning into generational nuances will help move the conversation along. Here are some broad-stroke perspectives to consider when talking with members of each generation. The Ultra Elders, the Silent Generation The Silent [...]

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An open letter to midlife GenXers

Dear GenXers, In all the hullabaloo about generations, there’s rarely much examination or interest in yours. There is a reason for this, and for most of you, you probably don’t care much one way or the other if your generation isn’t in the limelight of media focus. You already know the arc of your generation’s history: [...]

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