Hello America,
Meet a rep from the next generation of children, the Homelanders. They are the ARTIST archetype and produce the best singers and songwriters, and the best comedians of all the four generational archetypes. They orient toward romance and chivalry, as they miss all phases of life in which to experience heroism, unlike the Millennials/Heroes one level above them. They’ll become the next gen of credentialed experts. The next round of great civil rights leaders, speakers, lawyers. The next great wave of Peace Corps-like workers. They rarely get elected president, but they are great policy makers.
They will write and sing the songs of the next Spiritual Awakening (akin to the Consciousness Revolution), a good 35 or so years from now. They’ll be the Ray Charleses, The Eric Claptons, The Elvis Presleys, The Ringo Starrs, The Jimi Hendrixes, The Chuck Barrys and more!
This darling is a first-waver and the oldest of her cohort.