Each generation is formed during different circumstances and, understandably, goes on to have different leadership styles and reputations.

As a reminder, these are the U.S. generational birth years.

Boomers, 1943-1960

GenXers, 1961-1981

Millennials, 1982-2004

The Other Ones, 2005-approx 2027


Boomers’ leadership & reputation

  • Leadership style: moralistic (in midlife) 
  • Then visionary and wise (in elderhood)
  • Lifelong twin reputations: cultural wisdom and civic weakness
  • Positive reputation: principled, resolute and creative
  • Negative reputation: narcissistic, presumptuous and ruthless


Xers’ leadership style & reputation

  • Pragmatic (in midlife) 
  • Then solitary and pragmatic (in elderhood)
  • Lifelong twin reputations: steely resourcefulness and hardened realism
  • Positive reputation: savvy, practical and perceptive
  • Negative reputation: unfeeling, uncultured and amoral


Millennials’ leadership style & reputation

  • Powerful (in midlife) 
  • Then busy and confident (in elderhood)
  • Lifelong twin reputations:civic competence and cultural blandness
  • Positive reputation: selfless, rational and competent
  • Negative reputation: unreflective, mechanistic and overbold


The Other Ones’ leadership style & reputation

  • Indecisive (in midlife) 
  • Then pluralistic and indecisive (in elderhood)
  • Lifelong twin reputations: other-directedness and indecisiveness
  • Positive reputation: caring, open-minded and expert
  • Negative reputation: sentimental, complicating and indecisive