I was asked to contribute my two cents about best to maintain–from a generational perspective, that is –warehouse workers, and my recommendations, along with some others’, were published in this article.



Millennials (born between 1982-2004) are going to be more loyal toward employers that —

  • Invest in their careers
  • Offer career paths within their company (and help/show younger workers how to succeed)
  • Provide mentorships with older adults
  • Actively encourage younger workers to meet with senior management to discuss how to improve the company

Team participation is also very important to Millennials, so:

  • hire them in teams;
  • train them in teams; and
  • compensate them in teams.



GenXers (born 1961-1981) are all about doing more with less. Anything that allows them to be compensated based on the bottom-line motivates them, so:

  • offer incentives for anyone who saves the company money (fewer accidents, improved systems, higher productivity per hour, etc.);
  • meet with Xers (or solicit their input by email) about how to improve the customer experience; and
  • remember that all Xers run by the credo, ‘Do more with less’ and ‘Do a good job, be efficient, go home early.’

Xers also value work-life balance above all generations, especially men (dads). Anything that allows them the flexibility to be involved in their kids’ lives is important to them and will earn loyalty.

You probably don’t have that many Boomers (b 1943-1960), but if you do, they are all about finding meaning and calling. They’re good to have on any committees or teams where big questions about purpose and value need to be answered.