Boomers’ superpowers: The Asserted Visionary

Boomers are The Asserted Visionary at work and in society, and they —

  • Ask the big questions, the important questions;
  • Are driven to find meaning, purpose and calling in their work;
  • Focus on vision, values and deeper meaning; and
  • Are rather defined by their work and treat their careers as imbued with meaning and purpose.


Gen Xers’ superpowers: The Natural-born Entrepreneur

Gen Xers are The Natural-born Entrepreneur at work and in society, and they —

  • Excel when focused on the bottom line,
  • Ask “how can we do more for less?”
  • Are the creators of vast new market opportunities and new businesses; and
  • Desire flexibility to make a buck and “have a life.”


Millennials’ superpowers: The Cheerful Achiever

Millennials are The Cheerful Achiever at work and in society, and they —

  • Excel when given concrete, measurable tasks; 
  • Ask for (and mostly receive) all manner of support, protection and investment from the many older adults cheering for them; 
  • Are creators of friendly, cheerful work environments; and 
  • Desire a clear path to success and stepped career progress.


The Other One’s superpowers: The Consummate Helpmate

The generation after powerful Millennials are a dutiful, kind, and considerate generation. They are The Consummate Helpmate at work, and in society, they —

  • Excel when invited to improve and refine projects (they are risk-averse tinkerers);
  • Ask how to make everything better;
  • Are the creators of intensive methodical processes and procedures; and 
  • Desire to be heroes but, alas, settle for being helpers.