Luvs Diapers Ad Speaks Volumes About GenX Dads

GenX dads are some of the heroes we can thank for the #WFH movement and work-life balance now found in greater measure in the U.S. corporate environment. This Luvs Diapers ad speaks volumes about GenX dads, many of whom watched their own loving but bungling and floundering dads during America’s Divorce Epidemic and vowed to do things differently when they were parents. (All generations do; they have shadow relationships with the archetype that raised them and they flip the parenting style they received when they, themselves, are in midlife.)

Got a Homelander at Home?

Are you a parent of a child born 2005 or after? Guess what? Your kid is a member of the  Homeland Generation. Learn more about them here. #yourkidisnotgenz

AASA, June 2019

First, a note on terminology. I classify anyone born in 2005 or later as belonging to the Homeland Generation, meaning that the oldest are just entering high school. The name was chosen through an online contest by readers of my organization’s books, who felt it embodied the post-9/11 world into which this generation was born. Their childhood era was shaped by global turmoil — the War on Terror, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the global financial crisis and the general sense that our homeland was no longer safe.

The name also reflects the fact these kids literally spend more time at home than any earlier generation in American history. (story published in 2019)