The Evolution of Intelligence Podcasts

Jessie joins co-host Nichole Kelly, VP of Marketing at Windward Consulting, for The Evolution of Intelligence podcast. Together, we interview interesting guests and discuss the topics and intersection of emotional intelligence, generational intelligence, CV19 and the guest’s subject matter expertise.

Guests on the podcast (and links to the show) include —

Julie Reisler, CEO, The YOUest You.

Caveat Magister, Burning Man Culture Writer
How Burning Man’s 10 Principle Can Help Us in a Time of Uncertainty

DJ Waldow, Co-Founder at Simple Summers

Marcel Schwantes, CEO, Leadership from the Core
8 Actions Business Leaders Need To Take Right Now

Bryan Kramer, CEO, H2H: Human-to-Human
How to Live Human-to-Human in a Time of Crisis