Podcast Interviews with “Not So Millennial” and “Splice”

When we saw the podcast show title–the Not-So-Millennial Podcast–we just had to check it out. That soon led to an interview with the show’s host, Brianna Shelko, who describes her show as —

“We’re bridging the gap in the workplace between boomers, gen Xers and millennials with our new podcast series, not-so-millennial podcast. Our podcast host, Brianna Shelko, is known as an “old soul”, jet-setting around the world as a serial entrepreneur, setting her apart from the millennial norm. ​Tune in to hear how this not-so-millennial shares her success, failure, new learnings, and brutal honesty with interviewees and listeners around the world.

Here is the podcasting recording link.

And word spreads. Soon after I was contacted by Travis Jenkins, who hosts the Splice podcast, and we recorded two podcasts. Travis writes of his podcasts, “It’s so easy now for people to stay in their echo chambers and not have a dialogue about important issues. We all need to start addressing important issues and have difficult conversations. This podcast takes multiple viewpoints and “Splices” them together into one conversation while adding the millennial perspective. It could be two different sides of an argument or two different solutions to a problem, but all that matters is that we get the conversation started.”

Sounds like a great conversation starter to me!

Here’s a link to the two published podcasts.
Generational Gap, Part 1
Generational Gap, Part 2