The Hidden Drivers of Generations

Each generation is a cohort of people with a shared set of formative experiences and values, born over roughly 20 years. While there is plenty of diversity within generations, there are predictable trends and patterns that affect how they work, collaborate, solve problems and perceive other generations.

Applied generational theory helps you:

  • Improve empathy and understanding;
  • Create highly effective, diverse teams;
  • Improve hiring and retention, especially of Millennials; and
  • Refine training, management, and planning.

Generational Archetypes




Each generation forms a shared worldview that depends on:

Their parents’ worldview and current societal attitudes about child nurture.
Current events during their childhood and coming of age years.
This forms a cycle of cultural moods similar to the seasons.

The Workplace Effects

Different assumptions about the world changes the way people think about work.

Generations think differently about:

  • problem solving
  • risk and entrepreneurialism
  • management structures
  • incentives
  • …Name a subject!

Misunderstanding inter-generational diversity can cause cultural clashes that impact collaboration, team building, hiring, training and retention.

Research shows that diverse teams generate better outcomes.

We help you benefit from generational intelligence:

We work with companies to educate their teams and build programs to achieve their goals. Start with a 90-minute presentation or webinar.



These 90-minute presentations on “The Game of Life: The story about humanity you didn’t know you knew“ are a perfect introduction to generational diversity, workplace impact, and its effect on each of us as individuals.



We offer half and full day workshops to help your team build knowledge of generational diversity. We dig into the opportunities and challenges it presents in your organization. Your team will be prepared to build plans that strengthen your HR and Diversity awareness and practices.



We consult on a wide range of projects including hiring and retention planning, management training and succession planning. We help Diversity Officers and professionals understand and act on this rarely understood, but pervasive, form of diversity.

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