Getting to know the generations in today’s workplace

Here's a brief look at the generations in today's workplace. Boomers (Born 1943-1960) Children during society’s Golden Age; raised in an indulgent manner Inner-focused, principled and resolute Focused on meaning, purpose and calling Perfectionists and workaholics Society’s senior leaders now   GenXers (Born 1961-1981) Children during the Consciousness Revolution; under-protected as children Bottom-line focused; market [...]

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Yes, CV19 is Impacting your Children’s Generation

The subject is on folks' mind, and rightly so: How will CV19 impact the generation of children today? Here are some insight into how and why these children will be impacted. As a parent of a young child during CV19, school closures and possibly working from home, you’ve probably got your hands full of day-to-day [...]

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