They say it’s still one of their most popular-ever podcasts

Years -- and hundreds of podcasts -- later, the folks at PersonalityHacker.com say this interview with Jessie Newburn about generational theory is still one of their most popular ones. Listen in here. PS - There are lots and lots of notes and take-aways from the podcast in their associated blog post.

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The Power of Generations at Work

I was interviewed by AI Ops leader Sean McDermott about the power of generations at work. Here are a few highlights from the interview: Members of Gen X are natural-born entrepreneurs. They are independent and free-thinkers willing to gamble with different outcomes and solutions. This is a “willing to try” generation. One of the primary [...]

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The Evolution of Intelligence Podcasts

The Evolution of Intelligence Podcasts Jessie joins co-host Nichole Kelly, VP of Marketing at Windward Consulting, for The Evolution of Intelligence podcast. Together, we interview interesting guests and discuss the topics and intersection of emotional intelligence, generational intelligence, CV19 and the guest’s subject matter expertise. Guests on the podcast (and links to the show) include [...]

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Podcast Interviews with “Not So Millennial” and “Splice”

Podcast Interviews with “Not So Millennial” and “Splice” When we saw the podcast show title--the Not-So-Millennial Podcast--we just had to check it out. That soon led to an interview with the show’s host, Brianna Shelko, who describes her show as -- “We’re bridging the gap in the workplace between boomers, gen Xers and millennials with [...]

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